«the Wild Origin of the World» Composition 00W0W101 (The encounter) Acrylic oil on canvass               […]

90 square meters Battersea

90 square meters megapainting by Pacorrosa held in late September 2013 in Battersea borough of London, showing the process as […]

DorA_Dead or Alive

  DorA_Ants 375x150cm DorA_Dying or Mutating 150x174cm   DorA_Surf_fering 139x150cm DorA_ look at five 112x150cm DorA_I want to be water […]


How to make a moon. Process on video, 30th July 2015. East Dulwich, London. Brain labyrinth mural 96×96 inches 244×244 […]


  Beef shoulder, pencil, marker and oil on canvas 153x122cm Animation colour 50″ London, February 2014