«the Wild Origin of the World»

Composition 00W0W101 (The encounter) Acrylic oil on canvass                               1210x1520mm     On this painting is where the two concepts of the series meet

    ‘WOW’ is a painting’s series where Chaos and Human condition meet in a surrealist process of creation. This series is influenced by two ideas: The painting “The Origin of the World” of Gustave Courbet and Congo the painter chimpanzee.

During the summer of 2016, Pacorrosa started a series of paintings in his studio located in Borough, Southwark. «The studio was empty, a reformed classic english pub. Everything was white, papers, canvasses, walls. I started to paint from zero point in a surrealist painting process. 
A few hours after two ideas came to my mind from the subconscious, the Courbet’s painting «L’Origine du monde» and Congo, two diametrically opposed ideas, apparently. Both the chimpanzee Congo and the controversial painting were important for me in the late twentieth century. These two concepts were connected during the pictorial process in different facets…»
Composition 0w0w003 (Congo Portrait) Acrylic on canvass      760x1010mm          

Nowadays these two points of inspiration still controversial, the strongest link between them is that they evoke reflections of how the human being is connected with nature, how strong is our connection with biology. How we are part of the whole, how we can be transcendental culturally. Courbet with the «origin of the world» reminds us of where we come from, a true romantic painting which invites the viewer to think in a humanistic way; Morris with the Congo painting reminds us the same, how we are artistic apes. They make archaic the religious idea that we are special by something divine, how that is not important anymore.

Composition 00W0W017 Oil, acrylic, marker & magnets on canvass  910x1200mm         

In this series that biological connection is the main fountain of inspiration. The process has been surrealist, connecting in the creation process with the subconscious. Formally, compositions are influenced by the Courbet painting, influenced by abstract expressionism of Congo. 

Composition 00W0W021 (Genesis) Acrylic, oil & marker on canvass 1200x910mm    

Art is a spiritual activity that makes you connect with the whole, with the collective subconscious, surrealism process facilitates this. Art is a way to meditate actively, to make connections between ideas deeply, in a spiritual way.

On this series this two apparently distant ideas connect. The title of Courbet painting makes it special. I could call it post-romantic in its essence.

A superficially reading of this painting position it as the first pornographic picture, but the explicit character is the combination with the title, is about something else; A controversial humanistic artwork that shows where everyone comes from, biologically. The obscene picture became bigger when invites the spectator to accept the certain about our animal/human condition against religious ideas and morality.

 In certain point when Morris shown Congo’s painting was telling us the same. Invited us to relativize the special artistic human condition, invite us to become in friends with the animal that we are. Both of them have a raw message for their contemporaries; A raw message that still alive.

 Even Maria Abramovic remains the superficiality  that characterises our postmodern age when she speaks of this painting.

Without pretending this series becomes a historicist study of modern and contemporary art in relation to its romantic and post-romantic precedents from radical ideas and how simple archaic ideas are perpetuated today.

Composition 00W0W028 Acrylic & oil on canvass  610x760mm
Composition 00W0W029 (Self-portrait) Acrylic & glass on canvass     1210x1520mm             
Composition 00W0W084 (Cell explosion) Acrylic & oil on canvass    1010x760mm

This series goes beyond showing in an oneiric form the biological character of the human being connected to the universe where the lines between the cosmological and the biological are blurred. Where the automatism and brutality of abstract expressionism mixes with the romanticism of Courbet’s painting.

Composition 00W0W061 (Caged Chaos) Acrylic & oil on canvass  610x760mm   
Composition 00w0w097 Acrylic, graphite magnets on canvass   1200x910mm     
Composition 00W0W67 Mix media, marker, glass and magnet on canvass.    760x1010mm       
Composition 00W0W111 Acrylic & oil on canvass          610x760mm  
00W0W123 The Wild Origin of the World Acrylic on canvass 400x500mm   

To end the painting series conceptually, Pacorrosa requested to one of his friends in Spain whom is working with little kids a painting experiment.

Vera is two years old, she still in the phase where symbols are not affecting her creativity. We can see clearly how her composition is similar to Congo paintings. 

   During 50′ the deconstruction of the painting and the evolution of the abstraction curiously became on this kind of art expression. Abstract expressionism avoid any connection with the symbology, on the same time Morris shown the chimpanzee paintings in the art scene.

That fact enacted the connection between humans and animals in art. Also relativises the idea that art is one of the skills that humans have different to other animals. 

Undoubtedly art, mathematics and complex language are expressions of the human culture, but in basic terms apes for example can use them. This help us to understand the anthropology of these behaviours.  

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